hi! i'm krystle

MS ATC, PhD student

I'm a Certified Athletic Trainer and PhD student in Southern California.

I'm obsessed with how the human body works, and how to get the best out of each and every person I work with.

My passion is to improve the strength, mobility, and body mechanics, for dancers and performers of all types.

My mission is to educate and coach people from all walks of life to be the absolute best at their sport.

my résumé


from my colleagues

"I have worked alongside Krystle for the past 5 years. Krystle has a vast knowledge of the athletic training field. She is a true professional and takes great pride in her work. When Krystle is involved with a project we know that the product will be well put together and exceed any expectations set forth."

Dr. Kristen Ross (D.H.Sc, MS, LAT ATC), Tri-Cities ROP


"Krystle and I have worked together as athletic trainers for 3 years. She is an excellent communicator, knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about sports medicine and I'm excited about how she continues to use her skill set."

Dr. Jena Hansen-Honeycutt (DAT, LAT, ATC, PES), George Mason University


"Krystle has the ability to connect, create, and maintain lifelong trust and bonds. Krystle demonstrates commitment to her professional development. She is a talented and dedicated woman with an outstanding potential to succeed."

Stephanie Beaudion (MS, ATC), Loyola Marymount University

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