Episode 5: Pole and Aerial Arts with Krystle Celis


My first podcast interview!

Krystle Celis
Thursday, February 14, 2019

Episode 5: Pole and Aerial Arts with Krystle Celis

My first podcast episode!

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Welcome to another episode of The Offset Podcast! Today we talk with Krystle about her experience working as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) in the performing arts setting, lessons from being a Pole Instructor at FemBody Fitness, and common misconceptions about pole fitness and aerial arts. We deep dive into several interesting topics such as addressing the stigma of pole dancing, what to expect during a class experience, and much more! You can find out more about Kyrstle and even schedule your own consult with her at https://krystlecelis.com or find her on Instagram @xtal_15


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Show Outline:

Krystle's Background (1:16 to 4:07) Athletic Training (4:37 to 7:16) Pole Dancing & Aerial Silks (8:37 to 16:50) Physical Demands of the Art (17:20 to 26:40) Injuries in Pole (26:50 to 30:50) Injury Prevention for Pole (31:35 to 37:15)

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