2019 Pole Anniversary



Krystle Celis
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2019 Pole Anniversary (pole-versary)

May marks my four year pole-versary. Four years ago, I walked into a studio with a friend and tried out aerial silks and pole for fun. I was looking for a new way to get into shape, especially because my wedding was coming up. I immediately gravitated towards pole because dancing came naturally to me but when I tried to climb, I failed miserably. Despite the lack of upper body strength, I kept coming back just to master the skill of climbing.

After three months, I finally got it and four years later, I now teach pole to beginners and intermediate students! The biggest reason I continue to pole dance is because of the wonderful community of women and men it brings together. Plus, I’m always amazed at watching my students grow and I alway humbly remind my new students that once, I was a newbie that could barely do one pull up and now I have the privilege of teaching beginners.

So how does one celebrate their pole-versary? In my experience, celebrating with my #polesisters and #polebrothers is one way! We take class together followed by stuffing our faces with food. One might even use this as an excuse to buy new pole merchandise, like an outfit for class. This year, I plan on taking favorite moves and parts of past competition routines to create a combo to teach my pole class. Being able to create movement and seeing others perform it will be one of the best ways to celebrate my pole-versary!

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